Monday, 30 November 2009

Street-Porter watch

In my quest to ensure Janet Street-Porter contributes to the local community, I've spotted this.

She's at the school motivating the kids. She's been entering animals into the show. I've seen her at a couple of local events this year. She's even been on Gordon Ramsay's show, plugging our dale.

Oh yes. Street-Porter is a fully-fledged local. Probably gets more involved in local events than I do, but then I've got no money and can't afford to get involved with bugger-all at the moment, which is a bit sad.

If I spot her again, be sure I'll keep you informed!


  1. I've always rather liked J S-P. I get the impression that she learned very early on in life not to give a shit about what people think of her.

  2. Woke up on the sofa last night and she was on the telly, being a 'Grumpy Old Woman'. I think she's stalking me. Although as you say, she probably doesn't care!