Friday, 26 June 2009

Another column about Jacko

(image: Daily Mail)

Well, in case you haven't noticed by the wall-to-wall media coverage, the alleged 'king of pop' is dead. It would be very, very easy to write a blog entry today which put the boot in, but I wasn't brought up to speak ill of the dead, so I won't.

Fact is, I'm no Jackson fan. I own none of his records, have never wanted to buy any. His earlier work is excellent, but just not my taste. His later stuff is garbage, and no doubt we'll see plenty of Jarvis Cocker's Brit-award 'moment'. Quite justified, really. The guy was acting like Jesus! Then there were the legal matters, trials, and allegations. Again, the guy was cleared of all wrongdoing, but that mud properly stuck.

But I'm a charitable person, occasionally. Jackson's legacy in the pop music business is without question, and the tributes from leading musicians & artists back this up. There's no doubt that Jackson's childhood was crazy, and there's no surprise he grew up with serious emotional problems, all well documented elsewhere. I'd also suggest that his life wasn't his. I actually wonder if he really wanted to do the 50 shows at the O2 arena, or more likely he had very little choice? People have said on TV this morning that he was quite a sharp, astute character, but when millions of pounds are involved I would suggest he wasn't quite so in control.

Anyway, the press have now dictated we go into national mourning, but that won't be happening in our house because I'm just not that into his music. His crazy fans will all be over-reacting for a week or two, and I'm sure there'll be litigation and legal actions appearing in the next few weeks, months, years. It would appear his life is incredibly complex, and unravelling it could be messy.

Let the media circus begin. And, I guess, RIP Jacko.

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