Friday, 20 March 2009

Oh no, I forgot to tape 'Crown Court'

I've just been revisiting my 34th birthday prezzie from Mrs. Beetwaste. It was a copy of the Yorkshire Post. "Yeah, great, cheapskate" I hear you say. Well, not so cheap. It's an original copy of the paper from 9th November 1972, the day I was inflicted on the planet. How these people manage to get hold of a 34 (now 36) year old newspaper, Lord knows. It's even in immaculate condition.

So, every now and again, it re-appears from it's gift-wrapped box. For myself, stuck in the past, it's compulsive reading. And, not for the stories. No no no, they're all the same as today - murder, rape, unions kicking off, businesses doing well/failing. Leeds United into the last 8 of the cup-winners-cup - well ok then, some things are very different. No, it's the more mundane stuff.

Take the TV page, for example. If I remember correctly, I entered the world in a maternity ward in North Ferriby at about 7am, just in time to watch.. well, actually, nothing. TV started at 9.30am, and on the 2 main channels it was schools programmes all morning. Picture Box. Stop, Look, Listen. How we used to live - ah, happy days.

By the way, BBC2 kicks of at 11.00 with Play School, and then shuts down again at 11.25 until 6.00. Don't bother looking for Channel 4. It's not there.Or Channel 5. In 1972, you are living in a world of only 3 channels, of which one is only working in the evening, and the others are serving up 'Boomph with Becker' (????!), Crown Court (legendary TV), General Hospital. Farmhouse Kitchen! Yorkshire TV for Yorkshire folk, before Michael Grade finished it off for good.

And, then there's the adverts. A gift-pack of wine for £5.00, including a bottle of 1966 vintage champagne. North Sea Ferries - only going to Rotterdam, the service to Zeebrugge hasn't started yet. Bill Cosby and Robert Culp star in 'Hickey & Boggs' (rated AA) at the Odeon in Leeds. Has anyone seen this film , or remember it? What is 'AA' rated?

There's almost 4 pages of jobs - all surprisingly familiar. Sales, retail, social worker (£1,530 to £2,232/year). And then, the classifieds. "Modern, well maintained Detached house with many extras including double glazing and central heating. Badger Hill, York. Offers around £12,500." Twelve and a half grand for a detached house! There's an 18th century house in Thorner near Leeds for £15,500.

Ansaphone to rent, £1.60/week. It's a world where you rent an answering machine! Fancy a car? F-reg Lotus Europa. £800. Nice. Vauxhall Viva. Datsun 240Z. Sunbeam Rapier. We had all those when I was a kid, or at least, a derivative of them.I miss the old days, I really do. Apart, obviously, from Leeds United winning things - that's for the better, I reckon.

By the way, the weather? Rain. Sums up my life in one word, that does.

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