Friday, 6 March 2009


The car just passed it's MOT. Joy. And it passed it with flying colours. No more than a light bulb and headlight adjustment required.

This is something of a miracle. Our trusty 5 year old Yaris has done nearly 80,000 hard miles. It's got a scratch on the left caused by scraping a wall, a huge patch-up job on the right-side wing where I ran it over a cattle grid, and only 2 days ago I damaged the bumper by driving into the garage door frame. It's had to sit in traffic jams into Hull, it's done 600 miles a week on the A1, and nowadays it's little 1 litre engine has to cope with big hills and country lanes. It's had, and continues to have, a hard life.

Mrs. Beetwaste is also a happy bunny, mainly because my lack of finances means that the cost of this MOT was down to her, so it's only cost about 50 quid. Furthermore, had the car failed catastrophically,then we would have had quite a problem. Living in the back of beyond means we rely on the car more than most. There's no bus service here (except for the tourists on a Sunday). The train station shut in about 1930. The cost of a taxi would just about bankrupt everyone except Roman Abramovich. It would have meant the pair of us travelling to work and back on my moped, and as much as the hairdryer-powered scooter is a fabulous little thing, I'd rather use the car when it's -4 degrees outside.

So, if we've learnt anything then firstly, I need to look after the car better and secondly, I need to start saving up for next years MOT, now. Can anyone lend me a fiver? Anyone?

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